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Simple guide to wash cloth nappies

Step 1. Prewash your nappies!

This means putting your nappies through a short cycle at a low temperature. Goal of this is to remove most poop and wee from the nappies.

Step 2. Main wash!

Put your nappies through a long, hot cycle. Best programme to use is the Cottons programme either at 40C or 60C.

And that's it! Yes, that's simple!!

Please keep in mind:

  • If baby is over 6 months and you've introduced solids, poop has to be removed from nappies before washing.

  • Make sure washing machine is full for main wash, if you need to you can mix nappies with other clothing items (ideally no bigger than a kitchen towel!) to fill drum.

  • Prewash HAS to be a separate cycle from the main wash. Washing machine SHOULD drain all water and therefore waste. Otherwise, you're washing nappies in a soup of pee and poop...



Do you have any questions? There'll be more posts about washing cloth nappies :)

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